Sir Rodel (guru_vaj) wrote,
Sir Rodel


In the beginning was the earth.
It was beautiful and man lived upon the earth.
And man said: “Let us build skyscrapers and expressways”.
And man covered the earth with steel and concrete.
And man said: “It was good”.

On the second day.
Man look upon the clear blue waters of the earth.
And man said: “Let us dump sewage and waste into the water”.
And man did. The waters become dark and murky.
And man said: “It is good”

On the third day.
Man gazed at the forest on the earth.
They were tall and green.
And man said: “Let us cut the trees and build things for ourselves.
And man did. And the forest grew thin.
And man said: “It is good”.

On the fourth day.
Man saw animals leaping in the fields and playing in the sun.
And man said: “Let us trap the animals for money and shoot them for sport.
And man did. And animals become scarce.
And man said: “It is good”.

On the fifth day.
Man felt the cool breeze in his nostrils.
And man said: Let us burn our refuse and let the wind blow away the smoke and debris.
And man did. And the air becomes dense with smoke and carbon.
And man said: “It is good”.

On the sixth day.
Man saw many kinds of people on the earth.
Different races, color and creed. And man feared and said:
“Let us make bombs and missiles in case misunderstanding arise”.
And man did. And missiles site and bomb dumps checkered the landscape.
And man said: “It is good”

On the seventh day.
Man rested. And the earth was quiet and deathly still.
For man was no more.
And it was good.

Tags: genesis, poem, reverse
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