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Mga Iniisip ng Isang Baguhang Mystic

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shs, anselmo, sonny, rodel, teacher
In the beginning was the earth.
It was beautiful and man lived upon the earth.
And man said: “Let us build skyscrapers and expressways”.
And man covered the earth with steel and concrete.
And man said: “It was good”.

On the second day.
Man look upon the clear blue waters of the earth.
And man said: “Let us dump sewage and waste into the water”.
And man did. The waters become dark and murky.
And man said: “It is good”

On the third day.
Man gazed at the forest on the earth.
They were tall and green.
And man said: “Let us cut the trees and build things for ourselves.
And man did. And the forest grew thin.
And man said: “It is good”.

On the fourth day.
Man saw animals leaping in the fields and playing in the sun.
And man said: “Let us trap the animals for money and shoot them for sport.
And man did. And animals become scarce.
And man said: “It is good”.

On the fifth day.
Man felt the cool breeze in his nostrils.
And man said: Let us burn our refuse and let the wind blow away the smoke and debris.
And man did. And the air becomes dense with smoke and carbon.
And man said: “It is good”.

On the sixth day.
Man saw many kinds of people on the earth.
Different races, color and creed. And man feared and said:
“Let us make bombs and missiles in case misunderstanding arise”.
And man did. And missiles site and bomb dumps checkered the landscape.
And man said: “It is good”

On the seventh day.
Man rested. And the earth was quiet and deathly still.
For man was no more.
And it was good.


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This is really scary. We should start giving back what we took.

yah it do sound scary...

i got this poem from my ecology class,since i started teaching,i'm including this poem to my class activities.

thanks for your comment.

i love this one..

..when i red this poem..i got offended.. because..people dont getting they are destr0ying..the earth...
i realize that..peopple should change their bad trees and throwing garbages in the i know..


i first heard this poem at a declamation contest at may school circa 1991, i was awed by the powerful sarcasm. since then i was searching for it so that i can someday teach my son who is 4yrs right now and has just memorized trees by joyce kilmer. this would be a great addition to his list. Thanks!


nice ESSAY!>> waahh...


this was the first thing that i've heared on the first day of my class being an environmental management student in college.

This is a copy of the original poem from ''The Canadian Churchman '' circa 1970's .It has been reworded a bit and a few parts taken out but the message is still valid awesome peace of work .A copy along with similar works by Tofler and Northrop Frye can be found in a book called ''Man In Idustrial Society''

thanks again.

Woah. I heard this gospel reverse on our morning praise today. It really sent me the chills.

We really need to take care of our Earth. God gave it to us. We need to cherish it.

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tinuturo ko pa rin yan, hehehhe

salamat at naaalala mo pa.

rodel catajay

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